Connect MyBiz is a team of experienced business owners

who understand the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. Our mission is to connect small to medium-sized business owners with top-tier tax and ERC experts.


We’re rigorous when it comes to choosing the right CPA partners. We work with tax industry experts, not companies strictly focused on ERC. Our partners have been fully vetted and have a long history of serving clients with excellence. Every “i” will be dotted and “t” crossed before anything is submitted to the IRS.

Our preferred CPA partner is BrightPoint Associates. Headed by U.S. Military veterans, masters in tax professionals, business-oriented accountants and experts in the ERC guidelines from both the IRS and Congress, BrightPoint Associates is one of the most competent firms in this industry.

Our Team

Roy Matlock Jr. has over 38 years of experience in wealth management. Roy’s mission is to educate and assist individuals and businesses in creating and managing wealth. Roy is the creator of the nationally syndicated radio show “The Money Game”, now known as “The Dave Ramsey Show”. He is a well-respected educator and trailblazer in the finance industry and the owner of Sales Team Pro® a financial technology business. Please visit Roy online at to learn more.

Joshua has 16 years of experience in financial services and is an entrepreneur who has launched several successful startups. He is dedicated to helping blue-collar, middle-class Americans achieve financial confidence and is passionate about helping small business owners thrive. Visit Josh online at to learn more.


Combine an entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for tax, financial analysis and real estate development, and you’ll understand Blake Schaper. After graduating from the University of North Georgia as a Distinguished Military Graduate (DMG), Blake commissioned into the Georgia Army National Guard and attended Flight School at Fort Rucker, Alabama, as an officer in the United States Army. Blake spent the greater part of two years learning to fly helicopters and airplanes, while simultaneously completing a master’s degree in Tax Planning.

In 2018 Blake Co-founded Armis Advisers with a group of skilled and experienced financial professionals. As a Registered Investment Advisor, Armis translates 70+ years of experience in military mission-planning to financial planning, leveraging decades of financial experience into developing predictable and tax-efficient investment solutions. As an Investment Advisor Representative, Insurance Agent and Tax Expert, Blake services clients across the country, providing innovative financial solutions in an ever-changing world.

Lucas brings 14 years of experience in digital technology and design into ConnectMyBiz. As a professional musician and long-time colleague of Roy and Josh, he joins their team to help create the technological bridge between business owners and highly-knowledgeable tax and accounting professionals. Lucas is excited to bring this opportunity to small and medium-sized companies across the United States.



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